Monday, April 27, 2009

Struggling with CVSNT and Netbeans / Rational IRAD 7


Man, I’ve been just really struggling with IRAD7 and CVSNT.

First off, I downloaded a bunch of garbage from, and it was just a bunch of junk that complicated things, rather than making things easier. I got a tortoise and a merge tool, but just the basics of CVSNT were hidden in some util folder that didn’t really look like it was front and center. Instead, something called WinCVS or something was the tool that seemed to be doing the source code management. Apparently, the people at CVSNT have been bought out, and have decided to try and make money on their tool, and part of that money-making scheme involves getting people who think they are downloading CVSNT to download a bunch of trial software instead.

Anyways, I eventually found the download for the CVSNT server, and I installed that. I think file, named cvsnt-server-, was about 4 megs in size. If you download anything bigger than that, you’ve probably got a bunch of bloat ware.

Here’s the URL from which I downloaded CVSNT. Going directly here will likely end up in a redirect that gets you to click on some button that accepts the license agreement or something, but you can give it a try.

I managed to get NetBeans and CVSNT to play together quite nicely using the local url, :local:/jsf02. (This local CVSNT URL required an environment variable to be set, although different tutorials said either CVS_EXE or CVSEXE were the Windows system variable names, so I set both up and configured them to point to the cvs.exe file:

C:\Program Files\CVSNT\cvs.exe

However, IRAD7 didn’t allow me to type in the local URL. This mean using the remote URL, which also meant I had to go through CVS authentication, which is different from simply authenticating against the local user registry in Windows. What I was hoping would be very easy and straight forward ended up requiring the manual addition of users to the local windows user registry (CVS has separate user accounts, but they must link back to a user defined in XP or the Unix/LDAP user registry), and then some command line statements such as:

C:\Program Files\CVSNT>set cvsroot=:sspi:hp-000:/test

C:\Program Files\CVSNT>cvs password -a cvsuser
Adding user cvsuser@hp-000
New Password:
Verify Password:

Anyways, I finally got it to work in IRAD7. The really big help was actually this article below,

Kudos to author Bo Berglund for his ‘Google Ad Free’ tutorial on working with CVSNT and setting up users and repositories and stuff. It helped me get everything working.

CVSNT 2.5.03 Installation on Windows 2003 Author: Bo Berglund

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