Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creating/Restoring Image with Norton 14 Wrong Drive Letter Problem Sovled!

So, I've got Norton 14 installed and I'm trying to image my disc. The problem is, when I copy my hard drive to say, my E or F drive, when I reboot into that hard drive, the image doesn't rename itself to C:\. So, it starts looking for files in c:\program files, but the disc itself retains the letter name of E or F, so no programs run, not even computer manager, which can be used to rename drive letters.

I ended up just downloading the Norton recovery boot disc. I then imaged my C:\ drive and stored the image locally. I rebooted with the Norton Recovery Boot Disc, which I had to download as an iso file and burn myself, and then chose to restore my computer from a backup. I chose the backup on the C: drive, and chose the second hard drive as the destination drive. I did delete the partitions on the second drive, but I'm not sure if that's needed.

During the re-image, I chose to make the reimaged drive an active hard drive so that the OS would be recognized. I DID NOT select the two check boxes underneath, which would restore the original disc signature and secondly, restore the MBR, Master Boot Record. I'm wondering it it was the original disc signature, that said that my second hard drive was not the C:\ drive, that was messing everything up.

In the end, when I rebooted, and disconneted the original hard drive, the second, new hard drive booted properly, and all is well. :)

Just as a point of reference, I'm using Windows Vista.

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