Friday, August 7, 2009

Tomcat6 and JSF2.0

I was just wondering if JSF2.0 would work with Tomcat 6 without any problems, and indeed, it did. I downloaded the from, and then installed Tomcat on JDK 1.6, update 15, and then deployed the samples that came with the mojarra download to tomcat. I put the jsf-impl and jsf-api jars in the WEB-INF\lib folders, and each of the projects seemed to work, with the exception of ifnavigation and one example named polls.jsf or something. But, there were alot of other projects/examples, so I'm happy to say it's all working on Tomcat.

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  1. Integrating Tomcat as a plugin within the regular Apache server or a commercial Web server is more complicated that what is described here. Although such integration is valuable for a deployment scenario, my goal here is to show how to use Tomcat as a development server on your desktop. Regardless of what deployment server you use, you'll want a standalone server on your desktop to use for development.