Friday, August 7, 2009

Can you run JSF2.0 on Tomcat 6.x?

So, I want to try out some JSF2.0 stuff, but I want to do it on Tomcat instead of Glassfish. Should it be hard? Well, here are the requirements for JSF 2.0:

JSF is based on the following Java API specifications:
■ JavaServer Pages™ Specification, version 2.1 (JSP™) <>
■ Java™ Servlet Specification, version 2.5 (Servlet) <>
■ Java™2 Platform, Standard Edition, version 5.0 <>
■ Java™2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, version 5.0 <>
■ JavaBeans™ Specification, version 1.0.1 <>
■ JavaServer Pages™ Standard Tag Library, version 1.2 (JSTL) <>
Therefore, a JSF container must support all of the above specifications.

From the Tomcat release notes, we get Tomcat 6 supporting the folowing APIs:

* annotations-api.jar (Annotations package)
* catalina.jar (Tomcat Catalina implementation)
* catalina-ant.jar (Tomcat Catalina Ant tasks)
* catalina-ha.jar (High availability package)
* catalina-tribes.jar (Group communication)
* el-api.jar (EL 2.1 API)
* jasper.jar (Jasper 2 Compiler and Runtime)
* jasper-el.jar (Jasper 2 EL implementation)
* jasper-jdt.jar (Eclipse JDT 3.3 Java compiler)
* jsp-api.jar (JSP 2.1 API)
* servlet-api.jar (Servlet 2.5 API)
* tomcat-coyote.jar (Tomcat connectors and utility classes)
* tomcat-dbcp.jar (package renamed database connection pool based on Commons DBCP)

Hmmm...I thought I was alright until I saw the reference to J2EE up there in the spec. That' can't be true!

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